You’re Ugly When You Drink

A couple years ago, I was drinking all the time and going too far. I didn’t think it was a problem.

Then my husband made a comment that I am ugly when I drink.


He wasn’t referring to physical beauty. He was referring to who I changed into.


You're ugly when you drink


That’s when I knew I had to change.

I started looking into why I was so driven to drink. Why did I drink till I was drunk so much?


Was I wanting to cover feelings? To forget? To get over something? I knew It wasn’t alcoholism, but it was something else.

I realized I was using wine as coping mechanism. I was also using wine to deal with stress. Stress from my marriage, work, daughter, cleaning, stress from everyone and everything.


And one by one I started dealing with it all. I started writing down my issues and working on them on by one. And I started treating wine as something to be enjoyed as a treat.

I’ll never be done dealing with my demons, because I think they are always there. But now I use my thoughts and talking with others to deal with those demons. Now, wine is a gift to myself for always improving and striving for the best.


Because we deserve it.


Love you all!




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  • Parameter

    I like the way you refer to them as your demons, everybody has demons. Unfortunately just like you were using alcohol to run away from yours, several people use other dynamics to run from theirs.
    The best thing we must do is face it, talk about it and deal with them boldly and squarely

  • Leo

    Hi Jennifer:

    I am very happy for you to realize and found your true self back. Sometimes, I can feel the stress, pain, and all the sad stuff in my mind. I do not know how can I resolve it, latter on, I decide to write a journal which only my self can see.It help me to release the pain and stress.

    I think people have different ways to release stress and pain.I like to drink wines sometimes, just a little , just like a treat. 

    Eventually, everyone of us will find a way to treat ourself in a better proper way!

    I really enjoy reading your website, and if you start a Youtube channel, i will follow too!

    Thank you so much for writing this life stories!


    • Jennifer

      Journaling is such a great option! it’s important that we all find what works for us to relieve the stress! I appreciate your cheer and support! 

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