You might be a basic bitch if

You might be a basic bitch if . . .

You might be a basic bitch if . . .

– you can’t tell the different between a pinot grigio and a sauvignon blanc

– you don’t know the difference between a pinto grigio and a pinot gris

You might be a basic bitch if

Ok, get mad at me, but it’s true. If you aren’t mad at me, that means you have accepted your basic bitch status and are ok with it.


Ok get mad at me


Either way, it’s ok. Wear that badge with honor.

Don’t be hurt by it. Understand that your knowledge is lacking.

And you can either stay the same, or choose to change.

I wore that basic wine bitch badge for years, and I mean YEARS. My mother in law would host a Sunday dinner. She would ask if I liked (name some white wine) and I of course would say yes. I would say “ I think I like that” and enjoy 3-9 glasses and end the night just basic.

It wasn’t until I was around 33 that I started to elevate my wine knowledge and slowly escape the basic wine bitch stereotype.


How did I do it you ask?


I learned the basic steps to a wine tasting.

Yes, it really was that simple. I learned the professional steps to a wine tasting.

Instead of gulping down a glass of wine, I switched methods and before I tried any wine, I made sure to look at it, smell it, taste it, and think about it. I started reading the wine labels and cards descriptions at the liquor stores.

And eventually I started noticing things like “hints of boysenberry” (even though I have never tried a boysenberry) and the “mineral texture”.

Once I started to slow myself down and take the time to enjoy and learn about what I was drinking, my wine palette started to develop and I started to be . . . less basic in my wine knowledge (but I am still pretty basic in a lot of other places, I love me some leggings and Starbucks).


Let’s continue on this wine journey together and I will help take you from a basic wine bitch to a classy wine drinker.


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