Growing wine grapes takes 6 years before bottling!

Growing wine grapes takes at least 6 years before it should be bottled into wine
Growing grapes takes forever


Grape vines don’t produce fruit till 3 years old.

Wine grape growing is a labor of love for at least the first 5 years.

Grapes are not the easiest fruit to get started. From planting, to the first grapes produced, typically takes about three years. For growing wine grapes, the first vintage doesn’t typically get fermented and bottled till the plant matures more, which can be around year 5 or 6. Grape growing is only for the patient.

As the vine becomes more established, it enhances the terroir of the wine. The terroir is the combination of all of the elements the grapes experience to give the wine something special. It is definitely worth the wait!

So the next time you open a bottle of wine, think about the labor of love that was put into the grapes from the farmers from all of the world. They worked their butts off for years to bring you that delicious glass.


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