Wine grapes are not washed before crushing

Wine Grapes are not Washed Before Crushing


Think of that the next time you think chemical pesticides are a safe farming practice.

So why are wine grapes not washed? Washing the grapes affects a couple different things, including the levels of yeast, sugar, water and pesticides in the wine.

Firstly, washing grapes alters sugar & acidic level. Once harvest grapes are wet, you cannot get them dry. Grape clusters are like sponges! This will create a watered down wine and can lead to mold if they aren’t squeezed and de-stemmed quick enough.

Secondly, washing grapes removes a portion of the natural yeast that is on the grapes. This natural yeast is what should be used to ferment the wine. If the yeast is washed off, then laboratory made yeasts and chemicals have to be added to get the fermentation process going.


Now Here is Where it Gets Scary

Since commercial growers don’t wash their wines, think of those that use pesticides and chemicals in the planting, growing, and harvesting. There can be an even larger portion of chemicals and pesticides in the wine. Those pesticides can then stress the natural yeast, resulting in the need for even more chemicals and synthetic yeasts needing to be added to the wine to finish fermenting.

That’s one reason finding a winery that is transparent and open about their farming practices is vital! You want to look for a company that has more than just organic. Looking for a company that has independent testing and guarantees no added sugar or chemicals are the phrases you want to look for.

I even made it easy for you and found a company that provides exactly that.



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