What kind of mom?

What kind of mom did you think you would be?

I always thought I would be the adventurous mom with my children. I thought I would have a handful of kids. In the winter, I thought I would be the one outside building snowmen, having snowball fights, and making snow angels with them.

Kid in snow


There are so many things that we think we will be when we get older. But things change.


Instead of a handful of children, I just have one sweet child. Instead of being outside playing in all the snow, I am inside, cleaning, working, and sometimes just watching. She is the one outside having a ball in the snow the way I used to.


How did I get here?


As we get older, we kinda morph into someone without always realizing the life journey that we are one. What we want can completely change, but did you turn into someone you wanted to be? Or still want to be?


The best part is though is that we aren’t done. If we get intentional about where we are at and where we want to be, we can change it. Is this what I want to be doing? Staring out of a window, feeling the pressure to mop my floor while my daughter is outside by herself having a blast?


So you know what I did?


I threw on my winter jacket, grabbed my daughter’s scarf (because mine were in a storage bin somewhere) and I marched outside to play for a bit with my daughter.


If that’s something you want to be doing, don’t let something stop you.


Is this where you imagined yourself? Or better yet, are you where you want to be today?





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