Top 6 Must Have Wine accessories

Top 6 MUST HAVE wine accessories


What are the top 6 MUST HAVE wine accessories?


There are things we need, things we want, and things that are extra snazzy that are nice to have! Which wine accessories are a must?

And what wine tools are just plain fun to have?

Let’s evaluate why these are wine drinker staples and why you need these in your wine arsenal.


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# 1 – Wine Bottle Opener

If you don’t have one of these you really can’t be a wine drinker. There is no getting around the need for one of these. Maybe your excuse is that you only use screw top? Well then I would say that makes you pretty basic and you need to upgrade your wine style to at least a couple corked bottles.

Now the question is which best suites you. Check out our earlier article on all of the different types of wine bottle openers.


#2 – Wine Glasses

Having a versatile set of stemware is extremely important to wine lovers. Stemless vs. stemware is it’s own debate (which we aren’t going to have right now). Depending on how often you entertain will make a difference in what you buy and the quantities that you buy them in.

Wine Glass Set 4 glasses for red and white

The economical way is to purchase general red and white wine glasses in bulk from somewhere like IKEA. Then purchase a fancier set that has more specific glass shapes reserved for just you and another person and that way you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking your nicer set. This set here is one we purchased and we have been very pleased with the quality.


But let me tell you about my knew favorite way! Personally, I love a good deal and I don’t know about you, but I am prone to break things when I have had a drink. So I really don’t like to spend more than a couple dollars on my every day wine glasses.


Let me introduce you to second hand wine glasses! Checking out the glass section in second hand shops, like Goodwill, have greatly expanded my wine glass selection for cheap. I have also been able to snag crystal!!! I wrote an article for you on how you too can learn how to find crystal glasses on the cheap. Check it out here



#3 – Wine Preserver

For the frequent wine drinker, this is essential! How else do you have a glass of wine at lunch? Or what if you have no one to share a bottle with and you want to make it last?Wine Preserver Pump with 4 stoppers

Having a wine preserver is the best way to get a bottle of wine to last a couple days.

There are many types of preservers, which we hope to cover in a post in the future. But a basic air pump preserver, like this one, is all that most wine drinkers need.



#4  – Champagne Stopper

THIS IS A MUST! You may think, but I don’t drink champagne enough to need it. Neither do I! I rarely drink champagne. But what I do drink is bubbly wine. Wine with bubbles has become one of my favorite ways to celebrate a regular day.

Enjoy bubbles just because it’s a Monday.

Enjoy bubbles because your sister got a new job.

Enjoy bubbles because you managed to keep your children alive another day.

Either way. Enjoy bubbles!!!

And use your champagne stopper to enjoy bubbles more than once a week!

My champagne stopper is this one also GOLD & GORGEOUS which makes it one of the most beautiful accessories in my wine accessory arsenal.




#5 – Aerator

Now this is where we separate the chuggers from the people who truly drink wine to enjoy it. Wine drinkers that truly make it about the flavors and experience of the wine understand the importance of aeration. If you haven’t tried aerating a wine, check out this article  where I talk about decanting and aerating.

The point of an aeration is to get air to the wine to open up the flavor profile of a wine. In our household, have quite a few of these and I love gifting them out to fellow wine consultants.

They make a great gift to wine lovers and can really take even a cheap wine to the next level!



#6 – Wine Club Membership


Now this is how to take your wine experience and education to the next level. Trying new wine makers and new varietals will teach you the most about wine. There are thousands of wine varietals out there! How many have you tried?

Most basic wine drinkers can count on two hands, and maybe some toes, how many wine varietals they have tried.

If you truly want to elevate your palette and knowledge, you need to get enrolled into a wine club!

I am apart of wine club that is super flexible!  I even get access to wines that you can’t purchase from them unless you are in the wine club!

What’s awesome is that I can choose how many bottles I want to receive and how often I want to receive them. Then the box is curated by professionals and sent to me! So each time I know I am only getting quality wine!

Free Shipping is my jam. Since we have almost all been accustomed to Amazon’s free shipping as a part of Prime, paying for shipping now a days kinda sucks. The wine club I am in even has free shipping! This is probably one of my favorite perks!


Message me at to learn how to get into the club.

Or click here to schedule a time to chat with me!





If you don’t have these, are you truly a wine lover or just a wine chugger?

Let me know if there are any you feel that you can’t live without that I might have missed!






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