Top 4 Must Have Summer Wines

Top 4 Summer Wines

Whether it’s barbecuing, sitting poolside, or camping, a bottle of wine goes perfectly with most summer activities. Today we will tackle what four wines you should have on hand all summer for any and every summer adventure.


Top 4 Must Have Summer Wines


Here are the top 4 summer wines that you should have in your wine arsenal every summer.

Sauvignon Blanc


This wine is the definition of summer. Dry, crisp, and served ice cold, a Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect varietal to cool you down on a gorgeous summer day. It can typically be served with light dishes, snacks, and even grilled meat. The acidity of a Sauvignon Blanc makes it one of my favorites to pair with a grilled lemon chicken or even brats.


Key tip: Do not pick a sweetened Sauvignon Blanc. A high percentage of American made wines have added sugar. Be sure to pick a brand that you can trust that doesn’t add sugar, or look for one that is made in Germany, France, or New Zealand.



A frosty wine glass with a gorgeous pink wine reflecting off the sun while floating in a pool. Now add eating chips and guac and you have my dream life. A crisp, chilled, and fruity Rose gives me all the feels of summer.


Rose is on this list because of their widely varied with flavor profiles and their ability to satiate a palette during hot summer days. Having a wine that can be so varied, makes this wine one that must always be on hand in the summer.



Yes, I said it. Most people either truly enjoy chardonnay or they detest it. For those of you who enjoy the “buttery” smoothness of a Chardonnay, then you understand why a cold glass of this wine is perfect for summer.


For those of you who are not on the Chardonnay train, I have two words for you, Sangria & Spritzers. Additives such as liqueur, fruit, club soda, and/or juice, helps mellow out the intense flavor of the wine when you partner it with something lighter. The creaminess of this wine actually goes very well with the additions that would typically be in a sangria or a spritzer.

Pinot Noir


YES! A red wine! Are you surprised?


Don’t act surprised!! There are two main reasons that having a red wine stocked in your home during summer is important!


Reason #1 – Grilling!! A red wine, such as a pinot noir is perfect for summer grilling. Grilled veggies, chicken, pork, and even some simple butter rosemary steaks can go great with a Pinot Noir. However, I wouldn’t pair a heavily seasoned meat with a pinot noir.


Reason #2 – There are always those wine drinkers out there that prefer a red. Why make them drink something they might not enjoy? Instead have a pinot noir ready for them.


But Why a Pinot Noir?

  1. It is an extremely common varietal – which means you can find it relatively inexpensive anywhere you buy your wine
  2. It has a varied flavor profile between wineries and countries
  3. It is commonly lighter, which is what you want in the summer heat


A Key tip for picking these wines: Do not pick sweetened wines. A high percentage of American made wines have added sugar. Added sugar in alcohol and the summer sun can be a dangerous combination for your body while soaking up the summer sunshine. Be sure to pick a brand that you can trust that doesn’t add sugar or look for one that is made outside of the USA.


If you would like a personalized wine recommendation, check out my wine profile quiz here


True wine lovers, always have a couple bottles of wine hand, either for last minute gatherings, a night of relaxing, or who knows what! Truthfully, relaxing in the summer evening with a chilled bottle of wine can even beat an ice-cold bottle of beer. But that can be spoiled by not having the right wine in stock.

Tell me if these four are always in your summer repertoire or if you have a couple other varietals that you can’t do without during the these sunshine filled days.

Happy Wine-ing!

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