A little progress each day adds up to big results

Progress During Social Distancing

A little progress each day adds up to big results

This month is and will continue to be unlike any we have ever lived through. This unprecedented month will be in history books as a time when the world implemented social distancing to limit a pandemic.

Your kids, grandkids, or even great grandkids will ask you about it.



So what are you going to say that you accomplished?


Set your intentions NOW. TODAY. WRITE THEM DOWN!

But don’t go small short sighted. Go big and long term. Think about what is going to have the biggest impact on your life long term. Cleaning your kitchen or purging a room isn’t going to have an impact on your life.


Think Long Term!


What I am NOT doing is focusing on having a clean home. It’s unrealistic to me. I would rather spend the month with my daughter and had a messy house. Do you honestly want to look back and say that you cleaned your whole house during the month? Or would you rather say that you started or built your business? Or focused on your family?


Instead think about some life goals that you have been wanting or what you have always wanted to accomplish.

Then create small daily things to get you on that path. Here are the steps laid out!

  1. Decide on what you want to say that you did during your month of social distancing.
  2. Create small daily goals or intentions that will lead you that way.
  3. Evaluate at the end of each week how you are doing? What is holding you back?


Maybe you have always wanted to connect with your teenage daughter, or create a stronger marriage. Maybe you want to give your body the time it deserves and sweat every day. Maybe you want to finally start a business or focus on pushing your business to the next level.


So what are the small daily things you could do daily?


Young girl is standing by river to convey the importance of priorities during social distancing

One of my goals after all of this is said and done, is to be able to say that I spent the month really connecting with my daughter and enjoying time with her that I have never had before.

So I set my intentions and created daily goals. When she is doing her homework (remotely) I made a decision to sit next to her and work. She reads and writes as I read and type.


I also made a decision to daily walks, crafts, and experiments with her. This is important to me, so guess what, I am making time for it.



If you need a good book to get you moving!

There are two good books that have been getting me up off my butt and moving!

This first one got me moving and reminded me that I can get over and tackle my challenges. This second one gave me some amazing motivation to focus on my business and push it to the next level!

Again – the two books that can really help a lot right now are listed here below!


Get over your damn self Girl Wash Your Face








This post contains wonderful affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. This means that I receive a little income from sharing what I found helpful and I can continue to feed my tiny family!

What are you making time for?


What will you tell people you accomplished?








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