My Story isn’t Extraordinary

My Story

My story isn’t the typical go to college, get a good job and work till you die kind of a story. When I was in my early twenties I stumbled into working in the warehousing and logistics field. Something no one grows up thinking they would do, or even know about doing. I started in telephone customer service and I ended 2019 as an operations manager.

I was working 60-70 hours a week. I worked long hours and when I wasn’t at work I was working on my phone from where I was. I missed dinners. I missed sick days. I missed putting my daughter to bed.


The Gut Punch

I had devoted so much time and effort into my team and my company, and then I lost my job.  I gave up so much of my time and life for this place and was just let go like what I did made no difference.

I was hurt. I was crushed. I was broken. I had never lost a job before and I was a mess.

How could I go back into the regular work force? To give my all. What if it happened again? To start back at learning a new company. Learning how they work. Learning how they operate. It just all seemed exhausting. Especially when thinking that I still had another 32 YEARS before I would be able to retire at 65. I couldn’t do it. It made me sick. The stress of it even made me toss everything up that was in my stomach.


I had to do something different.

I had always dreamed about being my own boss, but never really knew what I would do. I had dabbled in sales with essential oils but became burned out by the sheer quantity of others doing the same.

So I did a little research on top entrepreneurs. They all became successful by doing something they loved. So I brainstormed what I loved. I love kids. Yeah, but that just sounded too exhausting. I love wine.


Yeah. Yeah.

Why couldn’t I turn my passion and knowledge for wine into a business?

I had already switched the wine that I was personally drinking to something better, and I thought, why couldn’t I make wine a business?


So I did.

I started my wine journey in January 2020. I even ended my first month with a profit. I have joined an amazing group of women, I have new friends that I know will be lifelong, I am creating a life that I imagined for myself, and my income potential is limitless.

My story of wine

Why not?

Honestly, who is working their dream job right now?

99% of people think that they have to work the traditional job and that they can’t follow their passions.

But doesn’t that all sound exhausting?

I dare you to start thinking “WHY NOT?”

I can’t work my dream job. Why not?

I can’t spend summers with my kids. Why not?

I can’t sleep in during the week. Why not?


What’s your excuse?

Seriously, what is your excuse?

Start somewhere. Start with asking Why Not. Start with trying something new. Start with trying a glass of wine.




 Jennifer Sleider


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  • Kevin

    Very inspirational post! To be successful in life, I believe that one really has to be doing something that they love. I’m glad that you found your passion and that you’re doing well. For me personally, I’ve found my passion in blogging and helping people out in various things I’m interested in such as badminton, but unfortunately, I’ve haven’t turned a profit yet. Sometimes it’s quite demotivating. But after reading your post, it’s time for me to get on my feet and be smart about what I’m doing. Thanks for the motivational post!

    • admin

      I am so glad you found this motivational! I agree the struggle can be real tiring, but we are in it for the long haul! You got this! 

  • BlueMoon UniqueFashion

    I love your post and your energy, Jenifer! First, I want to congratulate you on choosing to work and dedicate yourself to what you love (btw. I have no idea about wines). I then decided to pursue my dreams and start my online business. My story is similar. I stayed at 50% salary, divorced with three children. It was a time for drastic changes in my life. I just want to add – it’s not easy. It takes a lot of work, self-discipline, and patience. But I wouldn’t change anything 🙂

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