I know business

I’m not the poster girl for anything. I’m not an Instagram star or blogger babe.


They all have long flowing hair, with a big hat or they are skinny and walking down some street all by themselves and laughing (probably at nothing). Or even blowing kisses and winking standing in front of a an interesting wall.


Why Am I Different?

I don’t fit the social media mold but that’s what made me crush the corporate world. I went from being customer service in my mid-20s to being an operations manager and running an entire facility for a multi-million dollar company in less than 10 years. I know business. I know real business.

I know what working with 50 team members and juggling all their hopes and desires looks like. I know what celebrating wins and learning from losses looks like. I especially know how to make things streamlined and efficient to maximize productivity and the value of a dollar.

Which Kind of Business Partner Would You Want?

I’m an insanely driven business maker, dream chaser, and daughter obsessed mom. And I love it.

So yeah, I’m curvy. Yeah I don’t have a smile that wows people, or a face that make people want to me be. But I know business.

And that’s what is driving people to partner with me.

Do you want to partner with the hippie blowing kisses who looks like she has never worked a day in her life? Or would you rather partner in business with someone who has lived business. Who breathes business. Someone who dominated the real world business model.


Because that’s me.


Let’s do this. Together!


Email me at Jennifer@JenniferSleider.com or leave a message below!




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