Female Friendships are NEEDED


Female Friendships are fucking extraordinary

Kid. Marriage. Chores. Work. Kid. Marriage. Chores. Work. Kid. . . .

I feel like this has been what my life has been for almost the past 10 years and I thought it was ok.

I have always felt that friendships with women can be so much work, so after I got married, I stopped putting work into most of my female friendships (except a couple). And I kinda just let things go.

Last week two of my closest friends saw something on Instagram that triggered them to realize something was wrong, WHEN I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE IT!



They talked me through some pretty heavy stuff.

They asked probing questions.

They listened.

They gave advice.

They didn’t judge.

This week I am breathing with a sense of identity again. Knowing what I want to do and where I want to go.

It really made me realize that having healthy relationships with WOMEN (in particular women) is something that as women we need!


We NEED healthy relationships with other women!


That’s one reason we are starting Wednesday Wine Moms. There are women who drink wine, and there are women who drink wine on a Wednesday. That’s who this group is for. Wednesday Wine Moms Meeting 9pm CST and 9pm EST

For like minded, wine loving moms to get together and chat about life, marriage, mom life and whatever we need to.

We meet every Wednesday on a Zoom call. Our central location for chatting and venting about life is in this Facebook Group. Feel free to check out the link and join our group HERE.

Having healthy female relationships with people who share a common interest is killer important, and I didn’t realize just how much I needed it until last week.


If you don’t have a group of women to connect with, you need to find one.

-Jennifer Sleider









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