6 Tips for Self Control

You either struggle with self control or you don’t (or you are an alcoholic and just don’t care).

If you struggle with self-control (as I have in the past) and you want to make a change, I have some tips for you!

6 Tips for Self Control
Take a look at this list and try a couple of them out!

1. Limit Drinking to a small quantity of days. I allow myself to drink only 3 days a week. Or you can even pick days of the week you will not drink. I prefer to keep my days of the week flexible because my weeks are never the same.

2.  Portion control! If you are drinking alone, do not open a whole bottle! I opt for either small bottles or cans. Having a limited size helps create a hard stopping point.

3.  Check in with yourself and on your feelings. Why did you feel the need to drink? Was it because you were sad? Depressed? Dealing with something difficult? You need to dig deep and evaluate what is truly driving you to drink so much. Because you should never be drinking to help with emotional pain.

4.  Find other fun (non-alcoholic) drinks. When feeling the desire for a glass of wine, switch it up and try something new. I dare you to go to Pinterest and search non-alcoholic drinks. It will truly open up your eyes to the world of fun drinks. It also is a great distraction for your mouth.

5.  Don’t keep alcohol in the house. This is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself in check!

6.  Set a consumption schedule. Maybe you opened a whole bottle with intentions of drinking it slowly to enjoy it, but you know your lack of self-control usually gets the best of you. Set a consumption schedule and even a timer! Tell yourself you are only allowed one glass of wine for every 30 minutes or hour.


Are these some things that you already have implemented to keep yourself in check?


Have any other tips that you want to share that work well for you?


Let me know!!



– Jennifer –


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